How to find files and do something to them

How to find files and do something to them in GNU/Linux(R)

Discover latest modified files.

Display a list of files (not directories, with option "-type f") in the "/" directory (only the root filesystem with option "-xdev") that were modified not earlier than 10 minutes ago:

find / -xdev -type f -mmin -10 -ls

Sorted list of latest modified files can be obtained as following (only files, not directories, within one file system):

find / -xdev -type f -mmin -10 -printf "%T+\t%p\n" | sort

Change many files UNIX permissions to unexecutable.

Make all files in the current working directory (and inside subdirectories) non-executable, but keep directory "files" as they are.

find . -type f -exec chmod a-x {} \;

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