Hi, I am Leonid Dorogin - a physicist, materials scientist, tech&art enthusiast.
My MajorRevision.Com website contains my research publications and my other works.

Materials science

History of my academic interests in materials science:

2007..-Surface governs structural transformations in nanoscale solids [theory].
2010..-Nanofriction breaks classical laws of friction due to surface roughness [experiments].
2016..-Surface roughness topography is governing the surface interaction of macroscopic elastomers (polymers).
Non-adiabatic processes at the interface as well as in material interior play a major role in adhesion of elastomers. [experiments]
2018..-Specialized computational tools for contacts with arbitrary realistic surface roughness [modelling].
2018..-Additives and coatings for polymer-based composite materials [experiments,modelling].





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